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Merida  Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Merida Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Traditional synthetic area rugs are manufactured with harmful chemicals that emit toxins into your breathing air – a good reason to avoid this type of product. Instead, you can purchase natural fiber area rugs that are made with renewable and sustainable resources, like those designed by the environmentally responsible Merida Meridian.
Merida Meridian uses 100% natural fibers, including jute, wool, abaca, seagrass, hemp, coir (from coconut husk), paper and sisal. The soft, flexible, richly textured rugs reflect wavy fields of grain, river rock, lentil and sandy beaches.

wool rug

sisal rug

grasses rug

jute rug

Rug edges are finished with muted or brightly colored binding in colors like spearmint, peanut butter and shale, or frisky stripes in colors like Espana, Pamplona and Cordoba. Merida Meridian offers numerous shapes, sizes and design choices. The rugs are ideal for long hallways, tall staircases, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.
They offer five extensive lines: Core, Metropolitan, Viewpoint, Abaca and Tufted. Each line has multiple color, texture and design choices.
Merida also specializes in custom area rugs and borders in over 300 color and fabric choices, including linen, leather and cotton twill. If you have a favorite fabric or you’d like to match your curtains or furniture, the company will create a border around the rug with your own material.
These rugs are elegant, sophisticated and gratifying to the senses.