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Armstrong Linoleum Flooring

Ready to replace your old floors?

Linoleum is a great material for high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms,

recreation rooms, family rooms and anywhere liquid splashes and spills

are likely to occur. If you’re also concerned about health risks associated

with toxic chemicals and want to promote sustainability, then linoleum

is a perfect fit for your floors.

Of the many companies that

manufacture linoleum, Armstrong is one of the oldest. They’ve been

producing fine linoleum since 1909, and with their 100 years of experience,

they’ve honed the art of innovation and sustainability. Armstrong

uses recycled content and natural rapidly renewable materials, including

linseed oil from flax, cork, wood flour, pine rosins, natural pigments,

ground limestone and 100% biodegradable jute backing from the fibers

of jute plants.
Sold in sheets only, Armstrong

carries six distinct product lines. Their NATURCote products are built

for commercial installations, but they also offer hundreds of colors

and design possibilities suitable for residential homes. NATURCote is

Armstrong’s high-performance coating that protects the surface from

scuff marks, scratches, dirt build-up and fading. It also reduces the

need for cleaning solutions and water, and that means less impact on

the environment.

Some of the styles you can

create with Armstrong linoleum are high-luxe, arts & crafts, Zen,

ultra-contemporary, southwestern, gothic, African, eclectic, Euro-tech

or Asian minimalist. There are virtually unlimited design possibilities.
Product: Marmorette NATURCote

LP096 & LP065

Cleaning is easy and fast,

installation is easy, dynamic custom creations are easily achievable,

there are hundreds of colors and styles at your fingertips and Armstrong’s

linoleum is eco-friendly.